Critical Thinking/ Logic.

One of the things we do every day of our lives is make decisions, this mean our critical thinking is put to the test every day. Of very interesting video that we saw in class was how we are able to solve problems working backwards. There are many type of analysis but the most interesting one was Retro analysis.

Here’s is someone who can explain it better.

One type of analysis is called Chunking: this technique is that will help us improve our short term memory. This will make something hard seem very simple to remember. What it actually means is that we would take a long string of information like numbers or letter and group them (chunking) them into smaller and more manageable pieces of information.

Example: if you have to remember a phone number from someone and you don’t have a phone or anything to write with, and the number is


That number was just said in 3 sec, the person is gone and now you ask yourself if you remember, the answer is NO.

That’s why the Chunking method is very useful because if you group them together you would only have to remember 3 groups instead each number individually. For example


As you can see, now it’s easier because now you have to only remember 3 groups of 3 numbers instead of 9 numbers individually.

Another great type of analysis is Pattern Recognition.

This technique focuses on the identification of shapes, forms or patterns of speech. In other words is the research of studies, operations and designs of systems that recognize patters in data.

Here’s an example of how it works.


Just by looking at the patterns you can see what the missing part is.

Another great technique that will be very helpful to use will be Stepping-stone Method.

This method is used to determine optimality of an initial basic feasible solution.

This method is from the analogy of crossing a pound using stepping stones, meaning that the transportations table is assumed to be a pong and the stones needs to be movements within the pond.

Here’s a little example in how this technique looks.


Finally, the technique that interest me the most is called Retrograde Analysis.

This method help us look ahead but looking backwards. Seems a little tricky to comprehend but here is how it works.

            Perhaps you may have to write a paper, and then you have to prove read it, the best way to do it, is reading it backwards, you would not only correct the grammar but it’s a 100% guarantee that you will find every repeated word in your document.

Here’s another great example, using TIC TAC TOE.


This is a great example because one you get to this point, you sit and think the possibilities of what would happened if you put your mark in the middle, side or bottom.






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